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UK VISA : Application Forms

Visa application forms :

Below you will find all the application forms and guidance notes that you need to make a visa application. If you have any problems downloading the forms, please use the feedback page to let us know.

Please note that the visa application forms on this page are for use outside the United Kingdom (UK) only. If you are in the UK and making an application to the UK Border Agency you can find application forms on their website or you can call the Application Forms Unit on 0870 241 0645

Some visa application centres will only accept online applications. To find out if you can apply online please visit the Visa4UK. If you are not in the UK, and if you cannot apply online you will need to fill in a visa application form. You can get a form, free of charge, from your nearest visa application centre or British mission overseas that offers a visa service, or you can download the form you need from the list of application forms below.

Which form do I need?

You will need to fill in only one application form, according to the type of application you will make. However, a separate application form must be completed for each person that is travelling with you (for example, if you are travelling with 2 children, you must complete an application form for yourself, as well as an application form for each of the children travelling with you – so in this example 3 forms in total).

Completing the formsPlease read the guidance notes for help in completing these forms. The forms must be completed in English, using blue or black ink.

Visitor visa Application form
Application form VAF1A - General visitor
Application form VAF1B - Family visitor
Application form VAF1C - Business visitor
Application form VAF1D - Student visitor
Application form VAF1E - Academic visitor
Application form VAF1F - Marriage visitor
Application form VAF1G - Medical treatment visitor
Application form VAF1H - Visitor in transit
Application form VAF1J - Sports visitor
Application form VAF1K - Entertainer visitor
VAF Guidance notes

Other Application form
Application form VAF2 - Employment
Application form VAF3A - Prospective Student
Application form VAF3B - Student dependant
Application form VAF4A - Settlement
Application form VAF4B - Returning resident
Application form VAF5 - EEA Family Permit
Application form VAF6 - Direct Airside Transit
Application form VAF7 - Right of Abode
Application form VAF8A - Overseas Territories
Application form VAF8B - Commonwealth Countries
VAF Guidance notes

Points-Based System (PBS) Application form
Application form VAF9 - PBS Migrant
PBS Migrant guidance notes
Application form VAF10 - PBS Dependant
PBS Dependant guidance notes

Self-Assessment form for Point Based System application.
You must complete the correct self-assessment form, from the list below, and submit a printed copy with the application form VAF9. The self-assessment form must be completed after you have obtained your points score from the electronic Self - Assessment Points Calculator (not available for Appendices 8 and 9)

PBS Appendix 1 General Migrant self assessment form
PBS Appendix 2 Investor self assessment form
PBS Appendix 3 Entrepreneur self assessment form
PBS Appendix 4 Post-Study Work self assessment form
PBS Appendix 5 Skilled Worker self assessment form
PBS Appendix 6 Temporary Worker assessment form
PBS Appendix 7 Youth Mobility Scheme assessment form
PBS Appendix 8 General Student self assessment form
PBS Appendix 9 Child Student self assessment form

Extention application form under PBS and HSMP
Form for extension application Tier 1 general
PBS dependent extention application form
Form for extension application under HSMP

Sponsorship Undertaking Form (SU07)
If you are applying for settlement as the parent, grandparent or other dependent relative of someone in the UK, your sponsor needs to complete and sign the Sponsorship Undertaking Form (SU07) below. By signing this form, your sponsor confirms that they will be responsible for your maintenance and accommodation in the UK. You should include this completed form when you make your settlement application.
Sponsorship undertaking form

Extention application form for other category
Application form FLR(BUS)
Application form FLR(BID)
Application form FLR(M)
Application form FLR(O)
Application form HPDL

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